Please note, for your and our safety, you can only pay by bank card on our site. Foreign debit cards are also accepted. Payment in cash is NO longer possible.

A day ticket costs per person:

  • For members of NFN / INF / SBN: € 8,50
  • Students (with student card): € 6,50
  • Membres of the NVSH (with membre card): € 7,00
  • Visitors after 16:00 hours: € 5,00
  • Others from 18 years: € 9,50
  • Children under 18: free

Children under 18 are only welcome if accompanied by a parent or a guardian.

If you are in the opportunity to visit our terrain more often, it is cheaper if you become a member of our Association. Membership of “De Maasplassen” costs € 70.00 per year per person or € 140.00 per family (i.e. two adults and children under 18 years). Each new (adult) member has to pay € 10.00 once for administrative costs.
So if you come more than 8 times in a year to our site, a membership is cheaper than buying day passes, and after the first year already at 7 visits!
To sign in, please refer to our page “registration form“.

Site visit

All visitors are kindly asked to present themselves to the canteen manager at the canteen boat,  when entering the terrain. For day visitors, the site is open from 13:00 to 18:00 hours . Members of the association may also reside on the site outside these hours until sunset, unless the duty manager of the canteen decides to close the site earlier.


Renting options

At the canteen boat you can rent deck chairs  for € 4.00 each per day. You also can rent sunshades for € 1.50 each per day.

Boat canteen

Wim Vos Foto boot terras

Photo: Wim Vos

On the boat canteen you can buy several drinks (coffee / tea / soda / beer / wine) and snacks (hot and cold). We have terraces on the boat and on the terrain.

Price list canteen

Unfortunately, it is not allowed to smoke in the boat terrace and boat canteen.

Other facilities (free)

  • Surfboards (without sail) to paddle on the water
  • Two cold water showers
  • Toilets on the canteen boat
  • Magazines
  • Gardening tools (for maintaining out terrain)


  • For the sporty naturist: Two “jeu de boules” courts with balls, on the square with the French name “Place de la Pétanque “: